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Transportation -
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Introduction to Flight Test Engineering

Ward, Don/ Strganac, Thoma
Rp 2,958,200
Rp 2,662,380
Point 133,119

Modelling And Control Of Mini-Flying Machines

Castillo, Pedro/ Lozano, R
Rp 4,600,400
Rp 4,140,360
Point 207,018

Aircraft Control and Simulation (Hardcover, 2nd Edition)

Stevens, Brian L./ Lewis,
Rp 3,526,600
Rp 3,173,940
Point 158,697

Sr-71 Revealed: A Photo Gallery (Paperback)

Graham, Rich
Rp 287,840
Point 14,392

Young Men and the Sea: Yankee Seafarers in the Age of Sail (Paperback)

Vickers, Daniel
Rp 368,000
Point 18,400

The Merritt Parkway (Paperback)

Radde, Bruce
Rp 480,000
Point 24,000

Calculations of Elements of Machine Design (Paperback)

Rp 151,200
Point 7,560

A New Theory of the Steam Engine and the Mode of Calculation by Means of It, of the Effective Power (Paperback)

Pambour, Guyonneau De
Rp 151,200
Point 7,560

Airships Past and Present, Together with Chapters on the Use of Balloons in Connection with Meteorology, Photography and the Carrier Pigeon (Paperback)

Hildebrandt, Alfred
Rp 407,200
Point 20,360

Ocean Steamships: A Popular Account of Their Construction, Development, Management and Appliances (Paperback)

Chadwick, French Ensor
Rp 383,200
Point 19,160

Ships in Port (Paperback)

Smith, Lewis Worthington
Rp 263,200
Point 13,160

SpaceShipOne: An Illustrated History (Paperback)

Linehan, Dan
Rp 399,840
Point 19,992

War in Pacific Skies (Paperback)

Cooper, Charlie
Rp 447,840
Point 22,392

Airbus A380: Superjumbo of the 21st Century (Paperback)

Norris, Guy
Rp 399,840
Point 19,992

Modern Warships (Paperback)

Bonner, Kit
Rp 239,200
Point 11,960

Bankrupting the World (Paperback)

Sikora, C. W.
Rp 319,840
Point 15,992

The Black Box: ''Dead Pilots Don't Talk'' (Paperback)

MacDonald, Captain Terranc
Rp 319,840
Point 15,992

Driver Tips: To Minimize Repairs and Prevent Rip-Offs (Paperback)

Lopez, Jerry
Rp 255,840
Point 12,792

The End of the Road (Paperback)

Joseph McKinney and Dr Amy
Rp 319,840
Point 15,992

Escape to the Sky (Paperback)

Fink, Donald E.
Rp 319,840
Point 15,992
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